Enjoy a Singaporean cuisine cooking class when you visit Singapore

One of the lesser known classes that we hold on a private basis is our tourist cooking classes on Singaporean cuisine.  For a minimum of 2 participants, we visit Tiong Bahru Market first to purchase ingredients for the cooking class before proceeding back to Palate Sensations.  Tiong Bahru Market is one of the first modern markets built in Singapore in 1955.  It is extremely well known for it's famous hawker food stalls such as chwee kueh, pao, porridge, and roast pork.  For those who just want to cook, you can come directly to the studio and we will get right down to firing up the woks!

Chef Brenda and I, together with Chef Alfie have taught countless visitors to Singapore.  It's always such a pleasure to take tourists to the wet markets to experience the various sights and sounds as well as eat the famous hawker dishes.  My personal favourite to eat is always roti paratha with a cup of  hot sweet milk tea.

Enjoying the fruits of their labour
Enjoying the fruits of their labour

My favourite Singaporean dish to teach is the laksa lemak, a delicious noodle dish in a spicy coconut gravy.  The key is to fry the ground paste until it is dry and fragrant before you add it to the prawn stock.  My other favourite is the otak otak which is a fish paste mixed with spices, spread thinly over banana leaves and grilled over the fire.  It only takes a few minutes to cook and the key to this dish is to buy fresh mackerel so whatever you do, don't use frozen fish as it will be very soggy.  You also need to ensure that there is the right amount of spice so that there is some taste to it.  Some places I have tried it at are stingy with the fish and also the spices used so what you are essentially eating is flour and mild spices which renders the whole dish tasteless and bland.

The classes last 3 hours normally unless we get carried away and talk so much we forget to finish cooking!  If you enjoy trying out Singaporean food and you want to take a slice of this home for your next dinner party, be sure to join us for a fun, intimate and memorable classes. For more details about our tourist or local cuisine cooking classes, check it out here.  

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