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We don't just teach you how to follow recipes and make dishes, we teach you culinary techniques and principles so that you can be a better cook.

Established in 2005, Palate Sensations Culinary School aims to bridge the gap between the home gourmand and the professional chef. We are a Singapore-based training centre that delivers exceptional hands on cooking classes across a broad spectrum of cuisines, patisserie and baking. Our courses focus on teaching classic techniques as well as the latest trends.

We take great pride in providing a fun and supportive environment for broadening your culinary horizons so whether you are a food enthusiast following your passion or a culinary professional hoping to further or upgrade your skills, we have a course that fulfills your needs. All courses are taught by professional chefs and our open concept studio is outfitted with state of the art equipment, stoves and ovens by leading French brand Brandt.

Located within walking distance from Buona Vista MRT, our studio of over 2,000 sq ft. can accommodate parties and events for up to 75 people in our kitchen and al fresco area. We have hosted a wide range of events, including team building sessions, kids parties and hens parties.Whether you need an event venue in Singapore for a birthday party, a celebration, a product launch, a networking function, a press conference or a road show, we have your needs covered for any occasion.

Our kitchen facilities are equipped with the latest commercial and domestic appliances for Western and Asian cuisine. With 10 fully self-contained workstations, the studio can accommodate up to 75 participants working in 10 teams. Our outdoor area seats up to 40 while our kitchen can seat a further 30. We have standing room for cocktail functions for 100 people in each area (both indoor and outdoor). We have an audio system for speech and music streaming in the outdoor and indoor area. We have a safe outdoor playground opposite the studio for children’s events. Although we hold a liquor license on our premises, you are welcome to bring your own drinks at no extra charges.

We have the perfect corporate event venue for our corporate clients offering exclusive culinary themes and a variety of innovative team building activities for you to choose from. Our methodology assures fun and experimental learning while still challenging your skills which are perfect for motivating staff and rewarding teams for their hard work. Within a 2 minute walk, we have access to (through A-Star) meeting rooms for up to 16 people and auditoriums for up to 450 people. We have generous outdoor areas which can be used for team games and corporate team building events. Optional add-ons such as a post-event dining menu, corporate gifts and photography services are available.

To create unforgettable memories and be the envy of your family, friends and colleagues, fill out the form or hit us up with the Whatsapp button below!

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