Licensed Co-Working Kitchen For Professional & Aspiring Chefs

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A Licensed Co-Working Kitchen For All Your Professional Needs. An Affordable On Demand Kitchen Space For Aspiring Chefs and Ambitious Startups.

A professional chef’s dream kitchen covering almost 2000 sqft in size, we have a state of the art open concept kitchen equipped with both commercial and domestic appliances for Western and Asian Cuisine. Whether it’s a product or recipe you want to test to open a restaurant or cafe, we have 12 fully self contained work stations. The studio can accommodate up to 40 chefs working in small groups/teams. Some of our equipment include a Robot Coupe food processor, hand held and standing blenders, mixers for baking vacumn pack machine, dehydrators, blast chiller, manual and automated pasta machines and an ice making machine.

A support kitchen equipped with a commercial dishwasher and a cleaner will be provided for each booking.

The studio can be rented in 3-hour blocks from $500 nett onwards for a portion of the studio (less than 8 people). Let us help you with your kitchen needs so that you can concentrate on your recipes and menus.

Contact Us for our equipment list and fees. Discounts and package prices are available for longer term rental.

SFA License No: SW20H66A000


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