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Cooking And Baking Classes

Q: Are your classes hands on or demonstration?

A: All our classes are hands on with participants working in small teams or individually depending on the menu. Participants will be taught skill-based techniques that allow for better understanding,, instead of simply replicating recipes. In every class, participants will be under the close guidance of chefs expert in their field. Hands on classes are taught in a group share environment so you will be working in small groups of between 2 to 4 people in your group. If you are baking cakes, you will take home a portion of each cake made by your group. If you are cooking, you will make enough for a single portion for yourself.

Q: What is the skill level of the class? Do I need to have any prior experience to participate in the classes?

A: Generally, our classes are suitable for all experience levels. Our chefs will guide you through every step, pacing the class so every participant can keep up. Both first timers and seasoned cooks will find our classes to be fun and enriching. Participants enrolling in classes listed under Chef Courses will benefit the most if they already have some basic cooking or baking experience as these classes are more advanced and are aimed at chefs who are looking to enhance their cooking and baking skills.

Q: Do you offer private or customised classes?

A: Yes we do. Please contact us to discuss further.

Q: Are there courses for professional chefs?

A: Under Chef Courses, we offer courses aimed at chefs who wish to enhance their cooking and baking skills.

Q: Who will be our instructors?

A: Our chefs are fully trained and highly experienced in their areas of expertise. To view their full profiles, click here.

Q: How many participants do you accept for each class?

A: This varies depending on the class but it is usually from 4 to 16.

Q: Is the class taught in English?

A: English is the language of instruction.

Q: What equipment do you provide?

A: Classes are conducted in a fully equipped commercial grade kitchen. Cutting edge equipment mixing both commercial and household equipment is used at the studio. The studio’s major equipment sponsor is Brandt.

Q: Do you cater for specific diets like mine?

A: Participants with specific dietary requirements (halal, vegan, vegetarian etc) must inform us at least 2 working days in advance. Our chefs will do their best to cater to such requests.

Q: Do I need to prepare or bring anything to the class?

A: You do not need to bring anything to class. All ingredients, utensils and an apron will be provided. Food prepared or served during an event should be consumed during the event. If you wish to take food home after the event, please bring your own storage containers. We do not provide containers. Any food that you take away should be stored and consumed strictly in accordance with our instructions and guidelines, and we do not accept any responsibility for any food taken away.

Q: What is the duration of each class? What time does the class start and end?

A: To ensure a fruitful session, classes are usually 3 to 4 hours. Some classes are shorter at 2 hours and some classes such as SkillsFuture are 8 hours. The timing allows participants to work at their own pace, while having fun throughout the class. You can find the start and end times for each class on our schedules located here.

Q: Is the kitchen HALAL certified?

A: The kitchen is not HALAL certified although we can remove pork and lard at your request. We can purchase HALAL ingredients where possible.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Please wear closed shoes without heels for your protection. The dress code is casual and comfortable unless otherwise advised. For those attending classes under Chef Courses, a chef uniform and kitchen shoes are highly encouraged. For those attending classes under Chef in Training, a personalised chef jacket will be provided.

Q: How do I sign up for classes?

A: All class enrollments are made through the website here. Please pay for your class by credit card. We use Stripe as the payment gateway.

Q: Are the courses certified?

A: The classes we offer are leisure classes aimed to enhance the participant’s culinary and baking skills. We offer a Certificate of Attendance to participants who request for a certificate.

Q: What are the class fees?

A: Depending on the complexity of the class, the fees will vary accordingly. To find out the fees of each class, simply browse our schedules here.

Q: Why should I sign up for an account?

A: Signing up for an account allows you to track your bookings. It also allows us to track your bookings should you need to ask us any questions. Alternatively, you can also check out as a guest.

Q: What do you do with my e-mail and personal particulars?

A: We do not share or sell any data collected from our website. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Q: I can’t seem to sign up for classes on the website. What do I do?

A: Please call us on +65 64789746 or send us an email to info@palatesensations.com and we will help you.

Q: Do you send reminders for classes?

A: A confirmation e-mail is sent to participants once they enroll. No other reminders are sent for the class. Please ensure you keep the date in your calendar.

Q: I can’t come to class. Can I reschedule?

A: We do not offer refunds, transfers or postponements should the participant be unable to attend a confirmed date due to any unforeseen circumstances. This includes natural disasters and personal sickness. If you are unable to attend the class, you are welcome to send a replacement. For those enrolled in an entire module (for classes such as Chef in Training and Patissier in Training), make up classes can only be rescheduled with at least 48 hours of notice. Regardless of whether you come to class, we are committed to paying our chefs based on the number of participants in their classes 48 hours before the class commences.

Q: What if the class is cancelled by Palate Sensations? Do I get a refund?

A: Classes are subject to a minimum of 4 participants. In the event that the minimum is not reached, the class will be cancelled and the participant can opt for a refund or choose a replacement class.

For Overseas Participants

Q: Can you help me apply for a visa?

A: If you require a visa to attend a class, please contact us.

Q: What accommodation options do I have and how far is it to the school?

A: Please contact us for a list of recommended accommodations.

Corporate Team Building/Corporate Events

Q: How many people can the kitchen accommodate?

A: The kitchen is almost 2000 sqft in size and can easily accommodate 75 participants at one time. There is a covered outdoor dining area that can accommodate 50 participants. Our indoor dining area seats 30 participants. For standing room cocktail functions, we can accommodate up to 100 people in each of the outdoor and indoor area.

Q: Is the kitchen HALAL certified?

A: The kitchen is not HALAL certified although we can remove pork and lard at your request.

We can contact MUIS (Majiis Ugama Islam Singapura) to cleanse the kitchen equipment and studio for your event. Additional charges start from $267.50 per hour of cleansing required and the number of hours required is decided by MUIS.

Q: We have specific team building requirements for our team. Do you tailor make programs?

A: Yes we certainly tailor programs to each company’s needs. Please Contact Us for your requirements.

Q: Where are the classes held? Can you conduct team building events at our company location?

A: We are located at 10 Biopolis Road #01-03, Chromos Building. We are within walking distance to Buona Vista MRT. We can conduct certain team building events offsite. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q: The programs are all too expensive for us. Do you conduct cheaper classes?

A: Please Contact Us for your requirements. We will speak to the chef to tailor make a program in accordance with your budget requirements.

Q: I have specific dietary requirements eg: vegetarian, nut allergies. Can the chef cater for it?

A: Depending on the menu, the chef can make changes for you. Please inform us so that we can discuss with the chef.

Q: What types of drinks are available at Palate Sensations and are there corkage charges if we bring our own?

A: We serve free flow of coffee/tea and iced water for all events. You can purchase soft drinks at $2 per can, beer at $10 per bottle and house wines at $50 per bottle. We do not charge corkage should you wish to bring your own drinks.

Q: Will there be enough food to eat and do you cater if we need more food? Can we bring an outside caterer for the event?

A: Except where it specifically says otherwise, all corporate team building events should provide enough food for all participants. Please let us know if you would like to have more food before, during or after your event so that we can work out a menu for you. We don’t usually allow for an outside caterer but we understand this may be necessary due to special dietary and cuisine requirements. Please speak to us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can you provide a bus to pick us up and drop us off?

A: This can certainly be arranged for you. Please contact us for your transportation requirements. Typical prices are:

One way transportation per trip is from $100nett onwards for a 45 seater bus but this depends on your distance and time required.

Q: Do you have meeting rooms if we need to hold a meeting before or after the event?

A: Within a 2 minute walking distance to our kitchen, we have access to rent fully functional board rooms that can seat up to 16 people or auditoriums that can seat up to 450 people.

Gift Vouchers

Q: How do I buy gift vouchers?

A: Gift vouchers can be purchased here. The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The gift voucher will be instantly sent electronically to the recipient. A copy will also be sent to the purchaser. If a paper copy is required, do contact us.

Q: I have a gift voucher. How do I make a booking for a class?

A: Please go to Book Classes. When it comes to payment, please enter your voucher number. The voucher amount will be netted off against the amount owing. If there is an amount owing, payment can be made by credit card. We use Stripe as our payment system.

Q: I can’t remember when my gift voucher expires and what my balance is.

A: Please call us on 64789746 or send us an email at info@palatesensations.com and we will check for you.

Location and Parking

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are conveniently located within walking distance from Buona Vista MRT station. Our address is Chromos Building, 10 Biopolis Road #01-03 on the ground floor. It is the brown building behind the MOE Building.

Q: Where is the closest MRT Station?

A: Buona Vista. Look for exit signs for MOE HQ/Biopolis. Here is how to walk to Palate Sensations.

Q: Do you have parking and how much does it cost?

A: Parking is located at Car Park A which can be reached by driving along North Buona Vista Drive (do not go up the hill between Helios and Chromos Building). Please park in Basement 3 at Chromos. Parking fees are $1.20 an hour from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5pm. From 5pm onwards, Sundays and Public Holidays, parking is free. Here is where to park at Palate Sensations.

Kid’s Parties/Classes

Q: How many participants can you take and what is the minimum age of the child?

A: We require a minimum of 6 participants and we accept children from 7 years of age.

Q: How is the class conducted?

A: The children are split into small teams of between 2 to 4 participants and the chef will lead the class by teaching the children how to cook before they proceed to make the menu. 

During the class, the chefs will do their upmost to supervise and issue instructions to your child to ensure the class runs smoothly and all the recipes are completed timely.  If your child chooses to disobey the instructions, we will not be responsible for anything that may happen to them in the studio (for example: if your child has been told not to run around the studio and they do so and fall, then Palate Sensations is not responsible for the fall and any subsequent medical expenses or distress associated with this). 

There will be breaks from time to time during the class.  The children will be told to stay in the studio during the breaks. We will not restrain the children if they choose to leave the studio. However, we will not be held responsible if something happens to the child if they choose to go outside. 

Q: Is there a playground for the children while they are at the studio?

A: There is a public children's playground opposite the studio which is not supervised by any staff at Palate Sensations. Anyone that uses it does so at their own risk.  

Q: Can we bring some snacks, birthday cake and drinks for the children and for the adults?

A: We provide free flow of Ribena and ice water during the class. If you would like to bring extra food, a birthday cake and other drinks, please feel free to do so. We can also organize/cater for this for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q: Can parents participate with the children?

A: We welcome parents to participate with their child if they are below the age of 7 and/or if the child is not confident around the kitchen. We welcome parents to assist with the class too. 

Q: Do the parents have to stay during the party?

A: The class usually lasts 2 hours so you can leave your child and come back to pick them up at the conclusion of the class. If you believe your child needs extra supervision, you are welcome to stay. Please let us know if you are coming so that we can make room for you.

Q: How long is the party?

A: The cooking class normally lasts 2 hours with 1.5 hours spent cooking (depends on their speed) and the remaining time spent eating and playing at our outdoor dining area and playground.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: The outdoor dining area provides sufficient shelter but if the rain is too heavy, we can also provide indoor seating.

Q: Can I customize my own party menu?

A: Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can I decorate the place for my child’s party?

A; Yes. Please inform us if you wish to come earlier to decorate the outdoor area so that we can be here to assist you.

Q: Do you cater for dietary requirements as some children are gluten free or have nut allergies?

A: Yes. Please check with the parents to see if there are any dietary requirements so that the chef can cater for them or design an appropriate menu for them.

Kitchen Rental

Q: How long can the kitchen be rented for?

A: Our kitchen is available for rent in 3 hour blocks. You can rent the whole kitchen or part of the kitchen depending on how much space and number of people you have.

Q: What equipment do we have access to?

A: The kitchen is fully equipped with a sound music system, mic for speaking, 12 stoves, 5 domestic ovens, 2 commercial steam/combi ovens, a blast chiller, a microwave, blenders, mixers, food processor, vacuum pack machine, ice making machine, various drinking and wine glasses, cooking utensils & equipment and plates and cutlery. Do check with us if you need specific equipment.

Q: Is there a cleaner to clean up?

A: The rental includes a support kitchen equipped with a commercial dishwasher and a cleaner. The kitchen is to be handed back to us in the same manner that it was given to you ie: all dirty equipment is to be put into the washing cart, all surface areas and the sink are to be wiped clean and the rubbish bins emptied.

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