Hen's Party

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A Lifetime of Memories, An Unforgettable Hen’s Party.

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than whipping up a culinary storm or playing a mystery game over a meal with your closest and dearest friends? Fun and exciting menus and themes to suit even the fussiest bride.  Whatever your cuisine taste, we have a menu to suit you.

Our years of experience handling hundreds of Hen’s Parties have given us an edge into your requirements.  All events can be tailor made to suit.  We also keep a fun box full of paraphernalia for your photo booth taking memories.

Get ready for a party to remember!  Contact us to make it happen.

Amazing cooking class

Thanks to Palate Sensations for the amazing cooking class. I will definately comeback for more classes. Such a fun class and I love the place!

Kathy G

Great arrangements and a lovely time with Palate Sensations

Thank you for the great arrangements. We had a lovely time and the bride loved the whole evening. The chef was really good teaching us with a firm hand but with a lot of ticklish anecdotes. Dinner was warm and&... Read more


Chef was friendly and patient

Staff are amazing and flexible in terms of working around our requests, Chef was friendly and patient with us. We enjoyed it a great deal smile thanks! I will definitely come back for other lessons!

Ingrid M


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