Murder Mystery Party

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Over the past 15 years, we have run this unique dinner party to great laughter and lasting memories!  It’s perfect for hen’s parties, birthdays, anniversaries and get togethers. Set in various countries, eras and situations, these games are perfect to spend an evening together with family and friends either at our studio or at your choice of location. 

Seated Murder Mystery

Requires at least eight participants to solve a murder mystery over a three course seated meal.

During each course, each character will reveal some information about them based on the character booklet provided, whether defending themselves by deflecting questions asked by other characters, or spicing up the game by pointing fingers to accuse other characters.

At the end of the meal, everyone guesses who the murderer is. While no cooking or acting is required, role playing is a must!

Interactive Murder Mystery

This will require a minimum of twelve participants.An interactive free form, game, characters will receive their individual character backgrounds including special clues, goals to achieve and secrets. It’s then up to each individual how they want to play. They decide who talk to, who to trust and who to betray.

All of this is played, over a three course meal and all characters will use the entire space of the studio to eat with who they want and interact with who they feel is necessary to bring them closer to finding the murderer. Be prepared for blackmail, thefts, betrayal and possibly another murder.

Excited? Get ready for a party to remember! To find out about our availability and packages, fill out the form or hit us up with the WhatsApp button below! 

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