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Over the past decade, Palate Sensations Culinary School has helped countless home gourmands realise their dreams of becoming proficient cooks and professional chefs improve their culinary and baking skills. We have trained thousands of budding chefs and professional chefs, providing them the ability to delight their family, friends and clients through their biggest passion; cooking and baking.
A highly sought after and leading training centre in Singapore, we offer hands on cooking and baking classes for adults and children catering to all abilities and levels, studio rental facilities, corporate team building activities, private parties (birthdays, hen’s parties etc) and consulting services for businesses seeking proven expertise in the F&B industry.
The school’s state of the art 2000 sqft open concept kitchen is staffed by an Executive Chef, a Cuisine Chef, a Pastry Chef, an Operations Manager and a team of guest chefs from renowned restaurants in Singapore, as well as chefs experts in their cuisines. Focusing on culinary and baking techniques, we cover a span of international cuisines from French, Italian to Mediterranean and Asian cuisines from Chinese, Peranakan to Vietnamese. We aim to offer a variety of cuisine and baking classes to please all palates.
The kitchen is equipped with the latest commercial and domestic appliances for Western and Asian Cuisine. With 12 fully self contained work stations, the studio can accommodate up to 75 participants working in 12 teams. Our outdoor area seats up to 40 while our kitchen can seat a further 30.
Our impressive kitchen facilities have welcomed both international and local celebrities such as James Martin, Rachel Allen, Anthony Bourdain, Rachel Khoo, Audra Morrice and Poh Ling Yeow (MasterChef Australia), Dr. Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost), Michelle Chong, Hossan Leong, Bryan Wong, Nadya Hutagalung, Miss Singapore Chinatown 2015 Vanessa Tay , Miss HK 2012 Carat Cheung, HK actresses and models such as Alice Chan, Samantha Ko and Tracy Chu.
We take pride in seeing how versatile our participants have become after attending our classes. Instead of simply replicating recipes, our participants are taught how to understand culinary principles. They can then tweak existing recipes and even create their own in time to come. The corner stone of Palate Sensations’ cooking and baking classes are our Chef in Training series. These series of classes, whether they be 6 or 8 sessions, aims to teach comprehensive culinary and baking techniques that will surely put you a cut above a home cook and be the envy of your family and friends.
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