5 Reasons Cooking With Friends and Family Is Good For Your Health


Several studies have been published about the many health benefits of cooking with friends and family, and this has never been more emphasised since the pandemic shook our lives. 

In fact, experts have given the mental health benefits of cooking with friends and family several names, such as culinary therapy or therapeutic cooking. We've listed 5 reasons cooking with friends and family is good for your health.

  1. Cooking together breaks the isolation. As the lockdown has eased with most businesses re-opening, now is a good time to reconnect with your friends and family and break free from your isolation. Doing it over a meal that you would prepare and share allows for much-needed catch-up and bonding. Here’s our Cooking With Friends and Family classes and there are classes scheduled most weekends!
  2. Cooking allows you to exercise mindfulness. From carefully choosing the best ingredients to slicing and cutting these ingredients the right way, cooking is an activity that encourages being mindful of every process to achieve a great meal. Let's face it, the pandemic has got us anxious with the uncertainty it brings. If you had your thoughts focused on this crisis for some time now, try cooking and give your mind a much-needed respite. Cooking gives you the chance to experience how amazing certain ingredients are, like the overpowering fragrance of basil, the taste of cilantro, the dazzling colours of capsicum. Cooking gives you so many beautiful things to think of to deviate your thoughts from worrying problems (and of course, it will give you a lovely meal and a great time spent with friends, too!)
  3. Cooking enhances your creativity. And creativity makes you happy! A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology shows that doing one creative activity a day including cooking, doodling, drawing and the likes, helps young adults flourish more in their relationships, cultivate positive attitude, and lead happier lives.
  4. Cooking your own meals is healthier for your body. Home-cooked meals tend to have lower calories than store-bought meals. When you cook your own food, you have greater control over what ingredients go into your meal, and there’s a higher chance of putting only nutritious ingredients. You can also cater to your own dietary preference. If you already are vegetarian or are exploring a plant-based lifestyle, check out our 5 Day International Plant Based Cuisine class.
  5. Cooking with family and friends is fun! There’s absolutely no limit to what you can cook and enjoy together to celebrate your newly restored post-lockdown freedom! We have a great variety of classes that cover a broad range of cuisines and themes.


Have you been craving Korean food after binge-watching Korean dramas? Learn to make bibimbap and other Korean classics for your Oppas and Idols in our Korean Revolution class.

How about a Fun Night Out sharing your quarantine adventures?

Now that Singapore's National Day is not too far away, learn to prepare Singaporean Food Lah! It's a great way to celebrate national pride and heritage!

All classes are offered either in-studio with a maximum of 5 participants per table to observe social distancing guidelines or you can join from the comfort of your home through our online live classes.  Can't attend the scheduled dates or have a favourite menu from our list of classes? Form your own private class by letting us know your preferred date and time. This can be held either online (we send all the ingredients to your homes) or in the studio.

We hope to see you and your family and friends soon! Have fun, get creative, and celebrate family and friendship bonds with us!

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