Eat Like The Italians, They Don't Get Fat!

Have you ever wondered why the Italian do not get fat despite an abundance of pizza, pasta, and dairy?

Well, it is because of the Mediterranean diet! People in Italy enjoy a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, beans, tomatoes, poultry, whole grains, olive oil, red wine, dairy ― and they consume very little red meat. They usually satisfy a sweet tooth with fruits instead of sugary desserts as well. Importantly, they balance the quality and the quantity of their food with a healthy lifestyle too; such as ensuring they do plenty of exercise after each meal and choose walking over other modes of transport daily!

In most Italian households, cooking is usually done with extra virgin olive oil which is the preferred choice of fats and is used extensively on salads and most of the things they eat! Olive oil contains healthy fats which are much better than saturated or trans fat and are easy to digest and assimilate efficiently. Italians also choose to eat and use fresh foods in their meal preparation rather than processed items. This then eliminates unnecessary fats, chemicals and preservatives into the body which can only harm us.

The portions served in Italian restaurants are also smaller compared to the ones usually served here in Singapore. These smaller servings help in controlling the quantity the Italians eat and if they ever need a second helping, it is usually filled with more vegetables and very small portions of proteins.

When it comes to eating habits and culture, the Italians also tend to enjoy their dining experience and takes time to wind down during the process and take their time to savour their food slowly which allows them to digest properly and their brains to register how much food is being consumed, which will aid in avoiding overeating and yet be satisfied more easily.

If you would like to know how to eat and cook like the Italians and introduce a healthier diet to your family, do consider joining Palate Sensations’ Italian cooking classes. Our in house chefs will be happy to share the finer arts of preparing Italian cuisines such as making fresh pasta from scratch! Click here to register for the class.

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