What makes a good pie pastry recipe?


Having grown up eating meat pies in Australia, I love to make my own. At Palate Sensations Culinary School, we are often asked what makes a good pie pastry recipe? What’s an easy pie pastry recipe? What’s the best pie crust recipe? What is it that makes a good pie crust flaky? For that, we asked our Pastry Chef Cynthia Pau to give us some hints:

1. Make sure your butter is cold throughout the whole process of making the pie crust as starting with very cold fat makes it easier to keep from overworking the fat into the dough.

2. Add a splash of vinegar provides a little insurance against overworking the dough (keeping it nice and tender) and it will keep your dough from oxidizing and turning gray.

3. Retain some larger chunks of butter when you are incorporating the butter into the dough (not breadcrumb like texture) to ensure optimum flakiness. As it heats up, the fat creates steam, causing little pockets of air that create the flaky character. Maintaining a few bigger pieces of fat also deters you from overworking the dough.

So with that, let us give you an easy pie recipe to try out at home!  It’s our favourite Tomato Plum Galette.  

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Tomato Plum Galette