The goodness of Australian superfoods has hit Singapore!

I was in Alice Springs back in September walking the Larapinta Trail and for an incredible 7 days, I tried some of the famous bush tucker and spices consumed by the Aboriginals.  Consumed by the indigenous community in Australia for thousands of years we now have the opportunity to try these unique ingredients in Singapore!  Over the month of November we are partnering with Nutrition Evolution to offer you the opportunity to experiment with these superfood ingredients. Try your hand at creating a dish.

For a limited time only - 25% OFF any purchase of The Australian Native Herbs and Fruit Powder ranges for orders placed before 30 November for their 80g and 500g bags.

Chefs throughout Australia are discovering these ingredients and using them to create delicious dishes with unique flavours as well as nutritional benefits! Now it’s your turn!

The full range includes:

Native Herbs & Spices

Wattleseed: Nutty, chocolaty, spicy…. delicious in baking

Lemon Myrtle: Strong lemon taste and great in baking and seafood

Cinnamon Myrtle: Warm and spicy and perfect for sweet and savoury dishes

Aniseed Myrtle: Strong liquorice flavour and a great addition to desserts

Mountain Pepper leaf: Use like pepper and taste the heat

Mountain Pepperberry: Whole dried berry to spice your meat or roasted veggies

Strawberry Gum: Fruity flavours make this a great addition to desserts Native Fruit Powders

Riberry: Slightly tart, spicy flavour with hints of sweetness, great in curries and baking

Davidson Plum: Deep Red colour and perfect with rich meat dishes (duck, kangaroo) or homemade jams & desserts

Quandong: Tart and little salty, a perfect addition to chutneys and jams

Finger Lime: Zesty vibrant flavour makes this a wonderful addition to seafood or cocktail!

Kakadu Plum: Aroma and flavour of stewed apples and pears and delicious added to smoothies or used in baking To make your purchase, visit and let us know what you made!  Watch out for more information in the coming months on how to win your very own 12 pack of spices!

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