The essence of Japanese home cooking is cooking from the heart

IMG_5420 Contributed by Chef Amelia Seko, Japanese Chef Instructor @ Palate Sensations Cooking School. Before I married my late husband who was Japanese, my daily meal consisted of the usual hawker food such as chee cheong fun, char bee hoon etc..but life changed after i met my husband.  I was introduced to asa gohan, a typical Japanese breakfast that consists of Japanese rice, miso soup, grilled salmon and pickles. These ingredients speak for themselves on how healthy the Japanese are. IMG_5421

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, I find this a better choice. It reduces sleepiness during the day and it keeps me fueled to go on about my daily routines. Most importantly, my family loves it and I love cooking for them.  My passion for Japanese food developed from then on and I attended my Japanese cuisine and sushi making classes in Japan.  My favourite style of Japanese food is home cooking as it's healthy and hearty at the same time. My favourite Japanese menu to teach is definately sushi.  There are so many variety of ingredients (both raw and cooked) to create colourful sushi.  It's creativity at its best. There are also so many different ways to roll and present sushi.  My favourite is the reverse roll and avocado is my favourite  ingredient.  Tobiko is egg roe and it's wonderful because it makes the roll bright orange. IMG_5408

For those of you who love Japanese cuisine and want to cook from the heart like me, I hope to see some of you in my classes. To sign up for my classes, the schedules can be found here.  

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