Our favourite chocolate is Cacao Barry


I have to confess.. there was a time when we grabbed any sort of sponsorship for the studio because we thought that it would decrease our cost and increase our brand awareness. Over the past 10 years, we have come to realise that it's not the wisest decision to make if those were the only 2 criterias.  We have therefore become extremely selective with who we want to work with in terms of partners and sponsors. The  most important elements we look for is whether we like using the products, whether it fits into the classes we teach and whether our participants will also use it in their cooking and baking.  Nothing else matters if the products are not top quality and if we don't believe in it.

13619814_10153659716729149_1017595892112364381_nOne brand all our chefs have always loved is Cacao Barry chocolate.  The chocolates are wonderfully aromatic and are silky smooth to work with.  It's very difficult to make a horrible product with Cacao Barry.  When they approached us to work with them, we jumped at the chance.  For the past few years, we have been using Cacao Barry chocolate in all our private events, our corporate team building programmes and all our chocolate classes.  We store all our chocolate in controlled and constant temperature, in a wine fridge.  This ensures that the quality is maintained at its best.  

Chef Brenda used the Extra Brute 100% Cocoa Powder in her chocolate sponge and the 76% Equateur dark chocolate couverture for the ganache for the birthday cake she made for one of our participant's birthday party.  She used the 66% Mexique dark chcocolate couverture for the mini chocolate cakes.  If you want to taste and work with this amazing and wonderful product, come join our chocolate classes.  You can find them here.  Just do a search for chocolate. 13516684_10153640432639149_6777296330390564943_n13418972_10153619981849149_5976867756671571513_n

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