Lynette Foo, the woman behind Palate Sensations Cooking School

"This 10 year journey has been such a rewarding experience, firstly starting the school from my home and then moving twice to bigger premises.  I have seen thousands of participants improve their culinary and baking skills during this period.  I am happy that Palate Sensations and the chefs that are teaching there continue to shape the changing landscape of Singapore’s culinary scene."

10447617_10152423262030027_4286422847869106912_n Some people want to know the long story of how Palate Sensations came about.  Unfortunately, the profile page only fits a small amount of information so here's the long version of how Palate Sensations was born.

I chose the chef profession as part of my high school career experience and spent one week working in the kitchens of the famous Summit Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. That week turned out not quite as disastrous as I had predicted and I actually did well enough for the Executive Chef to consider me for an apprenticeship. When it came to career choices, I pursued a career in Accounting & Finance more out of the fact that I received a scholarship to attend university rather than for my love of all things analytical. However, throughout my corporate career, my passion for cooking and food continued to grow as I traveled the world. I started to amass a sizable collection of recipes and never stopped entertaining my family and friends wherever I set up home. After working more than 12 years in the corporate world in Australia, Asia and Switzerland, I decided to follow my true passion and in January 2005, Palate Sensations was born.

My cooking has been heavily influenced by my family while growing up in an Aussie household and from my travels around the world. My philosophy on cooking is that it should be fun, simple and fuss free. I believe everyone can cook - it just takes a bit of practice. I encourage everyone to learn how to cook as it is a skill that will stand them in good stead and the benefits last a life time.2467_51732219148_5641_n

In 2006, realising that interest in food and cooking classes were growing in Singapore, I decided to search for and build a dedicated cooking studio to better facilitate the classes which are always conducted on a hands on basis.  Taking a back seat to teaching, I now work with a team of ever changing chef instructors who bring their international and local culinary expertise to the school.  I now focus on the PR, Marketing and Business Development side of the business. Epitomising the modern, sophisticated woman, my aim is to bring together a wide range of cuisines and make them accessible to all who love to cook or eat by showing them how easy, fun and fuss free it is.  My clients embody my image and are mainly professional working men & women and large multinational corporations who engage Palate Sensations for corporate team bonding events and private functions.

13217036_10153544215849149_9143036408747369165_oIn September 2010, due to popular demand and space constraints, I decided to relocate the studio from leafy Wessex Estate to the sprawls of a commercial complex at Biopolis. Without losing the intimacy and cosiness of Wessex Estate, the Biopolis studio takes the concept of cooking classes to the next level as it aims to bridge the gap between the sophisticated home gourmand and a professional chef.  Designed with efficiency and equipped with both commercial equipment and domestic appliances, the Biopolis studio allows the participant to work with the very best and latest in the market.

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but grew up in Sydney, Australia. I am an Australian citizen and a permanent resident of Singapore. I studied Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China. I graduated with an Accounting degree from University of New South Wales, Australia (courtesy of a scholarship from KPMG) and I have an MBA from IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. I am also a qualified Chartered Accountant. I hold an Occupational First Aid Certificate from St John's Ambulance. . In 2010, I completed a bread making course at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, I returned to Thailand to complete my Diplome de Cuisine. 407516_10150554113970027_1656033969_nI complimented my culinary course with internships at Gattopardo Italian Grill & Pizzabar, DB Bistro Moderne and The Moluccas Room. In 2012, I completed 180 hours of Thai Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu.  In 2015, I received my Level 3 Raw Food Chef Certification from Elaina Love's Pure Joy Culinary Academy and a Certificate in Asian Pastry from BITC.  I am a staunch supporter of Cat Welfare Society and a mother to 3 beautiful cats. I am also an avid outdoor person, often waking up very early in the morning to compete in half marathons and climb mountains. So far, I has climbed Mt Agung and Mt Batur in Bali, Mt Rinjani in Lombok and Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia. In 2012 and 2013, I walked the spiritual path The Camino de Santiago in Spain.  10429267_10152750641715027_3589777656295833664_nIn 2014, I trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.  These days, my exercise routine has slowed down somewhat and I am now focusing on pilates, yoga, strength training and the occasional half marathon.  13263712_10154032161515027_3510261209841532267_n

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