8 Questions with Chef Amelia Seko

Our chefs are the heart of Palate Sensations. Their love for food and passion for cooking lets them enjoy educating home gourmands and budding chefs alike.

In this blog post, we’ve asked Chef Amelia Seko 8 questions so you can get to know her better.

Chef Amelia Seko

Chef Amelia Seko has been whipping up authentic Japanese food from home for the past 18 years. A desire to impart her knowledge and share her passion for the cuisine sees her joining Palate Sensations as a Guest Chef in our Japanese cooking course in Singapore.

Having been married to a Japanese and with 3 gourmet food-loving daughters, Amelia only produces the best from her kitchen at her family’s insistence. Amelia believes that Japanese food must not only taste good but also be aesthetically pleasing to invoke all senses of umami (うまみ).

What do you love about cooking/baking?

I love cooking because I like how it brings people together. Food has the power to unite strangers and make them friends. It also has the power to remind people of their childhood memories and it’s magical because it can help them create new ones.

What makes you happy?

Trees, travelling and living an active and healthy lifestyle makes me happy. I’m also happy being with, and seeing others, surrounded by loved ones and making good food.

What is your favorite part about being a Chef?

Cooking is like a form of art. You take different ingredients and create something delicious. The ability to create something out of nothing brings me pride.

Who is the person you most admire in the food industry?

Marco Pierre White. He has been recognized as the first celebrity chef of the UK restaurant scene. He has trained chefs like Gordon Ramsay. I had the privilege of working along side him when he was in Singapore. I really admire how much he’s accomplished in his career.

Person you would most like to cook for?

I would love to cook for my late mother. She loved Japanese food and could always appreciate good Japanese dishes.

What do you eat? What's your favourite dish? Why?

Takaikomi gohan [Japanse Mixed Rice] because it reminds me of home.

What is the best meal you ever had?

Yakitori that I had on a trip in Japan.
My moms curry.
Uni Sushi [Sea Urchin].

What was your biggest kitchen disaster?

There was one instance I was cooking soup, I forgot that it was on the stove and the soup dried up.

Favorite way to cook an egg?

Tamagoyaki - My favourite and go to way to cook an egg.

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“I have been teaching at Palate Sensations for more than 7 years. Within that period, I have strived not just to impart knowledge of authentic Japanese dishes and ingredients but the culture itself. I am ever grateful for all the positive comments from my previous participants. Those feedback are a crucial source of motivation and inspiration for me to keep doing what I do.” - Chef Amelia Seko

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