Murder, Intrigue and Dinner.. The best combination for a fun night out or a great corporate event!


Over the past 10 years, we have run this unique dinner party to great laughter and lasting memories!  It's been perfect for hen's parties, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate team building.

These parties require a minimum of 8 participants as we have 8 characters (4 females and 4 males).  Set in various countries, eras and situations, these games are perfect to break the ice and get to know your friends or colleagues in a different light. 31835_389664579148_1461355_nThe game is played over 4 courses so part of the menu is served at each round. Each participant comes dressed up in character and assumes the character throughout the entire event.  It takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to play this game as it depends on their speed and understanding of each situation.  At each course, more and more clues are revealed and by the end of the 4 rounds, the players guess who they think killed the main character (the main character is not part of the 8 participants). Are you excited?  Here are some of the murder mystery games we currently hold at Palate Sensations: Star Trek The Next Generation This is a mystery game instead of a murder game.  It is stardate 47729.75 abroad the starship U.S.S Enterprise.  Eight members of an Enterprise Away Team have returned from the remote planet Delphi 4 with a remarkable discovery - the legendary Orb of knowledge.  At a celebration banquet excitement turns to dismay when the Orb is stolen and the Away Team must decide who amongst them has committed the crime. The Last Train To Paris 550215_10151095189334149_323061785_nIt is July, 1940 abroad a train leaving Paris.  The German troops are about to enter Paris.  The roads south are a hopeless snarl; the trains are full and one cannot find space abroad them.  Yet to remain in the city and see her brutalised by the nazis will not be a pleasant thing.  An anonymous letter arrives, offering you passage abroad a government train heading for the relative safety of Southern France.  During the trip, murder is discovered and the passengers must decide who amongst them has committed the crime. A Matter of Faxe 13533302_10153647092249149_1845073667443695613_nIt is June 1895, at the site of an archaeological dig.  Queen Victoria is on the throne and Arthur (“Art”) E. Faxe, the eccentric Englishman has invited eight guests to participate in an archaeological “dig” at a site in ancient Mesopotamia.  Face and his guests take up residence in a picturesque military fortress, along the Tigris River.  Almost immediately, rumours circulate of an important archaeological “find”, but the excitement gives way to dismay when a murder is discovered and then guests must decide who amongst them has committed the crime. The Grapes Of Frath 31835_389664629148_1144090_nIt is June 1925, aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Archibald Bemmington Frath, the internationally famous distributor of champagne and fine wines, and the owner of the multinational corporate enterprise “Grapes of Frath”, has invited several close “friends” for a cruise aboard his luxury yacht, “The Gilded Vessel”. In a secluded bay of a tropical Mediterranean island, murder is discovered, and it is left to the guests to unravel the crime and prove that they are innocent –  or are they ?…………… Hoo Hung Woo 680565_10151108868114149_1468336161_oIt is 8th century China at the Festival of the Autumn Moon. Guests of the Hoo family have been invited to gather at the Grand Hall at Hoo House on Woo Hung Woo islands. Hoo house is an elegant Chinese mansion, and the summer home of the Hoo family. The guests are gathered for an evening of reflection, poetry and feasting before drinking from the “Ceremonial Cup of Wisdom”. But celebrations soon give way to shock when more then one murder is discovered and the guests are suspects. 31835_389664659148_3043504_n31835_389664619148_7994608_n The Class of '54 It is August, 1959, in a small town in the U.S.A. The local high school class of 1954 has scheduled its 5th year reunion to coincide with the return to town of Rockford "Rock" N. Roley, the nationally famous rock 'n roll star. "Rock", himself a member of the '54 graduating class, has agreed to begin the festivities with a concert. A group of Rock's high school friends have planned to meet with the star after the show to talk about old times. Excitement is running high until the recollection of a high school prank leads to the discovery of murder. The friends must dig into the past to determine who amongst them has committed the crime. Intrigued?  Join us for an incredible evening of fun, laughter, intrigue and amazing food.  We guarantee your dinner parties will never be the same again! Contact us for a night to remember.

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