Meet our new Western Cuisine Chef: Susan Roberts

It's been said countless times: Food is humanity's universal connector. It transcends boundaries, race, and cultures. It even transcends time. 

Little wonder, Chef Susan Roberts' culinary journey takes a parallel road with her journey to different parts of the world. Having lived in at least six countries in the last 25 years, the last six years of which have been in Singapore, Chef Susan has savoured rich flavours ranging from Tex-Mex, Southeast Asian, and Western influences. Her mastery of these cuisines enables her to cook like locals do - providing her family and friends with an authentic experience of a local meal whichever part of the world she may have learned to cook it.

Chef Susan's culinary beginnings can be traced back 25 years ago when she and her husband embarked on a journey that took them from Holland to Japan, the US, Australia, and then Singapore.

"Japan with its rich culture and delicate, beautiful food provided me with endless opportunities to explore a very unique cuisine," she shares.  Her time in Texas sparked her interest in Mexican flavours and allowed her to continue her food journey. "And 6 years ago, we ended up here in Singapore, the food capital of South East Asia!"


These travels -- and tastes -- enabled her to develop a wide interest in various cuisines. "I love to try new and undiscovered cuisines. Lately I have a fascination for Middle Eastern cuisine, and I enjoy exploring new spices and flavours."

"My travels around the world is where I have developed a taste for "Tex-Mex" and Japanese food. I am also very fond of the Indonesian and Thai flavours.

Equal to Chef Susan's love of food is her passion to share what she knows to as many people she meets.

Students can expect a "hands-on approach as we explore new flavours and favourites," Chef Susan shares.

Chef Susan will be teaching Dutch Rijsttafel. Rijstafel is a Dutch word that translates to "rice table". It consists of an elaborate Indonesian meal adapted by the Dutch.  It is adapted from Indonesia's nasi padang and consists of many dishes served all at once.  The dishes typically include flavours and colours with different degrees of spiciness and textures which can include soft, hard, crispy, runny and chewy.


Chef Susan will also be teaching traditional Dutch desserts. 

One of the most popular Dutch desserts refers to speculaas which is a spiced biscuit. The Dutch East India Company, through their spice trade, brought back cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, aniseed, coriander, ginger, cardamom and mace. These mix of spices are key to making good speculaas.

Chef Susan will teach two types of speculaas: Speculaasbrokken (cookies made in one big slab and later broken into smaller chunks) typically eaten during winter and Christmas and Gevulde speculaas (cookies filled with almond paste)

While waiting our speculaas to come out of the oven, she will also make another popular Dutch dessert, the Pannenkoek, a Dutch pancake which can be served sweet or savoury.  Students will be able to sample this savoury version with cheese, bacon and syrup!

Traditional Dutch desserts

With the pandemic not showing any sign of a clear exit yet, travel the world instead by sampling a variety of cuisines and dishes.

Chef Susan Roberts has the perfect remedy for your travel longing - come to her class and travel the world by learning and celebrating authentic local cuisine.

The experience will take you to the most exotic places you could only dream to visit at this time. There is no visa required, and you won't have to go through quarantines and other travel-related health protocols at this time of a pandemic. You can learn to cook food at home that will bring you to familiar places you've travelled before and re-live memories with every bite, taste, and aroma. 

Sign up for Chef Susan Roberts's classes here.

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