Living it up during the pandemic: 4 Reasons To Book A Private Dining Experience

A limit of just five people per table. A cut-off on liquor sales and consumption at 10:30 PM. Wearing of masks is required at all times. Movement within the restaurant premise is limited. TV viewing and live music are not allowed.

These are just some of the new guidelines people are compelled to follow when dining out these days.

Among the many unprecedented challenges this health crisis has brought upon us, it seems to have taken away one of the experiences that is intrinsic in all of us; one that supposedly serves as a powerful connector of families, friends, and even cultures -- the pleasure of food.

Is there a better alternative to restaurant dining during the pandemic?

The answer is private dining. 

As Palate Sensations Culinary School’s Japanese cuisine Chef Amelia discovers herself, more families and groups of friends are skipping the restaurants and opting for a private dining experience during this time. 

In this interview, she shares four reasons why private dining is a much better experience than dining at a restaurant.