Express yourself through food and arts: Announcing our latest collaboration with Artist Gee Michaud

Artist and sculptor Gee Michaud

Food and arts are like two strings to a lute: Played together, they have the potential to evoke beautiful, unforgettable, and unique experiences that could imprint upon one's body, mind, and soul.

Palate Sensations Culinary School is happy to announce our latest collaboration with painter and sculptor Gee Michaud. Happening from 25 April 2021, Art Jamming with Artist Gee Michaud fuses food appreciation with artistic expression.

“In this pandemic, I think food and art can help to take away the frustration and boredom of many because travelling is not possible. And who knows--through food and art, one might discover his or her hidden talent,” Gee shares.

"Burmese Beauty" by Gee Michaud. Source:

The 2.5-hour session will introduce participants to the basic principles of painting and will include a workshop whereby participants actually paint a still-life subject on canvas. All materials will be provided. Delicious scones and tea made by Palate Sensations chefs will be served during the session. This way, the class effectively combines art, tea, and traditional scones appreciation over an afternoon of creativity, colour, flavour, fun, and life.

Having lived in Asia for most of her career, Gee's works are mostly a reflection of her lived experienced. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, Gee completed her training under the acclaimed Turkish sculptors Seyhun Topuz and Irfan Korkmazlar in Turkey between 1990-1993.

Subsequently, she learnt drawing and sculpting from award-winning painters and sculptors Jean Marc Lange and Jacqueline Deyme in Paris where she lived from 1993-1995.

“I grew up with an artist brother and perhaps my passion for arts came from him,” Gee shares.

Gee’s sculptures have been exhibited widely in Istanbul, Paris, and Jakarta. She has also had numerous exhibitions in Singapore since 2000 at venues including the Alliance Française, and the Art Loft at Volvo, and subsequently at Geeleinan gallery when it was established in 2006 in the Wessex district and that Gee ran until her departure to Papua New Guinea.

"Couple" by Gee Michaud. Source:

Gee mainly works with pallet knives, making her paintings more textured. 

Asked how she sees the fusion of art and food, Gee says: “Cooking is a form of art, too, in the sense that you’re using your creative senses to produce the final product.”

To her future students, Gee has this to say: “My message is to express their emotions without any constraints or barriers. Like everything else, improvements and perfection will be achieved through regular practice and through trials and error.”

Wise words indeed.

Gee’s classes will run periodically on weekdays and weekends. Participants from all age groups and across varying levels of introduction to the arts are welcome.

Sign up for Art Jamming with Artist Gee Michaud here.

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