Behind the Scenes: Getting to Know our Passionate Pastry Chef Phyllis Lim

Welcome to the world of Chef Phyllis, where culinary art meets magic. As the quote goes, "There's nothing more magical than creating something out of nothing." With every dish she creates, Chef Phyllis brings a unique blend of artistry, creativity, and precision that leaves people in awe. She has dedicated her life to exploring the world of flavours and experimenting with new ingredients to create signature dishes that leave a lasting impression on the palate. Join us on this journey as we explore Chef Phyllis's unique style and passion for food, art, and innovation.

Uncover the driving forces behind a successful life - a glimpse into her personal background and inspiration

Chef Phyllis Lim has a deep love for the culinary arts and a passion for creating delicious dishes and sweets that bring joy to others. Her curiosity in the kitchen has led her to experiment and innovate in her cooking, and she is always striving to improve her craft. Though she was unsure whether to pursue culinary or pastry, a meaningful thought came to her after her grandmother's passing: the ability to make someone smile with her food is priceless. This sentiment remains dear to her heart and continues to inspire her culinary creations to this day.

Despite not growing up in a family of means, Chef Phyllis Lim has always been driven to pursue her passions and find ways to reach her goals. 

  • As a child, she worked a variety of odd jobs in order to save up some extra money. After completing her education, she landed an internship at The Ritz-Carlton Singapore, despite having no prior experience in the industry. 
  • Although it was a daunting task, she worked hard every day to learn the ropes and make her mark. She can fondly recall her earliest days in the kitchen, where she would spend hours in the walk-in freezer just to get a small number of ice cream tubs ready for service. 
  • Through perseverance and dedication, she was able to overcome these challenges and ultimately discover her true passion for cooking and creating incredible culinary experiences.

 A journey into Chef Phyllis' innovative pastry creations and techniques

For Chef Phyllis Lim, creating pastry masterpieces is all about finding the perfect balance between traditional techniques and modern twists. She strives to take classic desserts and add her own unique flair to make them stand out from the rest. When working on a creation, she always asks herself what she can add or take away to make it truly special without detracting from its essence. Despite being her own harshest critic, Chef Phyllis never stops looking for new inspiration, new techniques, and exciting new ingredients to elevate her pastry game to new heights. She is always pushing the boundaries to create innovative and unforgettable creations that will leave her patrons in awe.

In today's age of social media and constantly evolving food trends, Chef Phyllis Lim remains true to herself and her own creative vision when approaching her pastry creations.

  • While she takes inspiration from various trends and styles, she strives to put her own unique spin on everything she creates. One unconventional ingredient that she frequently uses is soy sauce, which adds a savoury, umami flavour to her pastries. 
  • Despite being a skilled and experienced pastry chef, even Chef Phyllis faces challenging tasks from time to time. One of her biggest hurdles was perfecting a vegan croissant, which involves a complex and delicate process.
  • However, she overcame these difficulties by running numerous tests and making sure not to compromise on texture or flavour, ultimately achieving the perfect vegan croissant with the signature honeycomb crumb which is a hallmark of traditional French croissants. Discover the secrets to Chef Phyllis' vegan croissants, from perfecting the laminations to achieving the perfect flaky texture, in her exclusive pastry classes.

Unleash Your Inner Chef: Get Inspired and Learn From Chef Phyllis!

Chef Phyllis has had some funny and memorable moments in the kitchen, such as when she used a faulty balloon attachment of a Kitchen Aid mixer to make pate a bombe for her mousse, causing all of the egg yolks to spin out and make a mess everywhere. Her ex-colleague even took a photo of her, which she still has and sometimes considers posting online. Despite the mishaps, Chef Phyllis never loses her love and passion for cooking and is always willing to try new things and experiment with different flavours and ingredients. 

For those who want to try their hand at making a delicious and easy dessert, Chef Phyllis recommends her Cheese Crème recipe, which is quick to make, versatile, and sure to impress your guests.

  • To make Cheese Creme, you will need 125g of cream cheese, 50g of cream with at least 35% fat, 15g of icing sugar, 1g of vanilla bean paste, and a pinch of salt. 
  • Whisk all the ingredients together, then chill the mixture in the refrigerator for about an hour. 
  • After it has set, pipe it onto a plate and crumble your favourite cookies on top. Finish it off with your choice of fruit compote or salted caramel.

If you are considering a career in pastry and baking, Chef Phyllis advises starting with passion and love for the craft. 

  • The industry demands immense hard work, long hours, and countless sacrifices, so you must be willing to make those sacrifices. You may find yourself following instructions from those in positions of authority, requiring you to work from dawn to dusk, all for the sake of feeding others. 
  • To succeed in this field, you should be prepared to work under high-pressure environments while still delivering quality results. Remember, this industry is not for the faint-hearted and requires resilience and dedication to succeed in the long run. If you possess all these necessary qualities and are ready to face the challenge, then Chef Phyllis welcomes you to the beautiful yet demanding world of pastry and baking!                                                                                                                                  

Describing yourself as a dessert or pastry can be a fun way to break the ice and allow people to get to know each other better. When asked this question, Chef Phyllis responded that she believes she is a wild and mysterious flavour. 

  • Like a pastry with layers of delicious complexity, Chef Phyllis has many different facets to her personality that people may not expect. She is always up for trying new things, taking risks, and exploring hidden aspects of herself that she may not have discovered yet. 
  • Just like a pastry with a surprising filling or unexpected flavour profile, there is always something new and exciting to discover about Chef Phyllis. Sign up to her classes and explore the world of culinary arts where you can learn to create your own delicious and innovative desserts.

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