Nan Ong

Nan Ong

"Live, laugh, love but most important of all must eat well! I believe in incorporating all these ingredients so having fun in class is of paramount importance. Relax and enjoy the session, even mistakes are a chance to learn, adapt and be creative."

Formally trained in French pastries, Nan holds a Diplome de Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo, Japan. Nan has gained invaluable experiences working in hotels, restaurants and bakeries in US, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Currently working as a freelance consultant, her works include collaborations with government agencies on food education and with private organizations as a Pastry Chef/Instructor on curating and delivering WSQ courses. She also side hustles a mobile chef business where she shuttles to different locations creating baking & culinary experiences for corporate and private clients.

Nan is an MOE (Ministry of Education) registered instructor. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Advertising, The Master Course (Cake Decoration) and Intro to Gum Paste from The Wilton School, a renowned cake decorating school in Chicago and WSQ ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment).

Nan believes and actively engages in life-long learning. She enjoys learning and going on learning trips. She has completed a 10-week theory/practical course in Bread and Chinese Pastries in Taiwan. The most recent was to Guangzhou for a certification in Chinese Dim-Sum. Recently, she earned a Certificate in Geragogy Innerworks - Engaging Learning, Successful Ageing.

Besides English and Chinese, Nan speaks conversational Japanese and is currently teaching herself Español. "Professional, organized and an articulate trainer" are some kind words of encouragement from previous participants. Classes with Nan are great learning experiences as she shares her skills and tips with you.

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