Hala Alamareen

Hala Alamareen

"Due to its geographical location in the Levant, Jordan has culinary influences from North Africa, the Middle East, Persia, and the Mediterranean which helps make my recipes unique and diversified. I can\\'t wait to share them with you!"

Chef Hala is Jordanian with half Syrian roots and this combination helped expose her to a variety of dishes over and above the holistic recipes shared in the Middle East.

During her studies, being away from her family, Chef Hala discovered her passion for cooking and started developing her own recipes which were appreciated and well known for its unique taste.

After completing her studies in Finance, she worked in the banking sector for 13 years, but she always enjoyed cooking in her kitchen.

After moving to Singapore with her family, Chef Hala tried a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants but they generally lacked the genuine taste & authenticity of home.

In the expat community where there are fewer Arabs, Chef Hala won the community’s trust in her recipes and they were astonished by the quality and the taste of her food. This encouraged her to join Palate Sensations so that she could share her knowledge and passion to a wider audience.

What makes her class special is the affordability and the availability of the ingredients, the simple recipes which can be easily replicated for family but yet fancy enough to invite friends over for a feast.

Chef Hala is Christian but none of her recipes include pork or lard and all ingredients are halal.

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