A journey that began from #stressbaking, here are the beautiful and delicious creations of our new pastry chef, Cynthia Pau

 Beautiful cupcakes by Chef Cynthia Pau.

Long before the idea of #stressbaking and #culinaryarttherapy became popular during the pandemic, when people who were cooped up at home turned to baking to release stress, a young Cynthia Pau made the family’s kitchen her sanctuary from the stresses of school life.

“I always took my studies very seriously, but when I was in secondary school it became quite stressful, and I needed 'a way out’,” she shares.

Palate Sensations Culinary School's pastry chef Cynthia Pau.

At that time, Cynthia was already old enough to know how to handle sharp objects, so her mom just let her be in the kitchen. “The kitchen was my sanctuary, I tried out hundreds of different things, even though sometimes the results were not satisfactory, I learned a lot and my family was also enjoying the extra treats at home. It gave me peace of mind somehow, so I decided why not continue this after school.”

Today, Cynthia is establishing herself as a dynamic and innovative pastry chef. From her mother’s kitchen where she took turns making brownie with her siblings after school using “elbow grease, because we didn’t have an electric mixer”, we welcome chef Cynthia Pau today to Palate Sensations’ studio where she will be teaching participants about the fundamental principles and techniques behind making fresh, delicious, and beautiful cakes, breads, and pastries.

Beautiful and delicious layered cake by Chef Cynthia Pau.

Chef Cynthia received a scholarship and graduated with high distinction in Culinary Arts from Taylor's University in Malaysia, a school that ranked #29 in the world and 5th in Asia for hospitality & leisure by QS World University Subject Ranking.

After graduation, Chef Cynthia completed her internship at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur where she was part of the pastry team at Chynna, the hotel's renowned restaurant. 

Inspired by the trade, Chef Cynthia started her own baking and pastry business, Dulcify Cakes in Penang. The business ran for four years. 

Unicorn cakes are famous among kids and the kids at heart.

Chef Cynthia Pau’s specialties are layered decorated cakes and cupcakes.

It has been said that culinary art therapy brings comfort to the heart and satisfaction to the belly. During the pandemic, many people have channeled their anxiety into baking a loaf of bread, cookies, cupcakes, and cakes to fill a void. The process helps not only the baker but also the person receiving the finished product.

Still, to others, baking is an activity that promotes mindfulness. It’s a way to shut down the noise from the outside world and be present in creating something else.

Another surprising benefit that baking during the pandemic brings is that it has created a sense of community. This is exactly what inspires chef Cynthia Pau to hold her classes.

“Students can look forward to a fun and informative class with me. I always try my best to focus on each and every one of my students to make sure that they learn something new when they step out of the studio,” she shares. 

When not baking, chef Cynthia Pau plays the piano. She has been playing since she was five, and in 2014, she was named one of the Top Ten Youth Pianists in Malaysia at the age of 17 by Steinway & Sons. 

“Food and music are a form of expression, you could always put your twist on it no matter how small it is,” she shares.

For a multi-talented chef like Cynthia Pau, creativity is boundless, and you’ll be humming sweetly to the sight, smell, and taste of fresh bakes that will make you feel the world is still a beautiful place, despite the many unknowns we face in these crazy times.

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