Nipped at the bud for the best nutrition: How to cook with Microgreens

Microgreens grown on tubs.

Have you ever heard of Microgreens? You might associate them with size, but that’s not all there is to these nutrition powerhouses. 

Microgreens are not just tiny-sized vegetables per se, they are vegetables that you harvest and eat in the first 7-15 days of their lives. It is during this window of time when they offer their peak nutritional value – up to 40 times more than their full-sized selves!

So healthy are Microgreens that the World Economic Forum published a report that said Microgreens could be the answer to the world’s nutrition security. 

Can you cook Microgreens, or are they supposed to be eaten raw like salad vegetables?

Yes, Microgreens can be cooked in a variety of ways. Just like fully grown vegetables, you can stir-fry, saute, bake, or boil them. And just as fully grown vegetables lose up to 50% of their nutritional value when cooked for more than 30 minutes, Microgreens also lose their nutritional value when overcooked.

Nutrition-packed Microgreens.

Palate Sensations Culinary School is pleased to partner with Urban Sproutz in our Grow and Cook your Microgreens Workshop. The class teaches participants how to cook with Microgreens, how to prepare Microgreens when eaten raw, and how to grow Microgreens even for Singaporeans who don't have the time to tend to a garden!

Read our Q&A with Urban Spoutz’ Deb Tay and explore tiny but mighty microgreens!

1. Besides the size, what difference is there between Microgreens and regular-sized green vegetables?

Deb: Microgreens are green leafy vegetables that you harvest and eat in the first 7-15 days of their lives. They are the same plant, just at different stages. When eaten during the Microgreens stage, they contain up to 40x more nutrition than their full-sized selves.

2. Can any vegetable be grown as a Microgreen? 

Deb: Most vegetables where you can eat the whole plant (eg radishes and carrots, where you eat the roots or pak choy and kale where you can eat the flowers too) can be grown as a Microgreen. 

3. There seems to be an over-all narrative that Microgreens are hard to grow. Is this a myth or a fact, and why?

Deb: This is a myth! It only takes 7 days to grow most Microgreens so it is quite difficult to go wrong as long as you follow the simple instructions of not overcrowding the seeds, blackout, watering daily and then ensuring that the Microgreens are grown in a bright breezy spot after blackout.

4. What are the benefits of growing and cooking with microgreens?


- Microgreens are packed full of nutrition.

- Although small in size, they are full of flavour.

- They add a beautiful touch to the aesthetics of dishes and hence are a favourite with chefs. 

- Microgreens are easy to grow and do not need any special lights and do not take up much space in land scarce Singapore.

- Microgreens only take 7 days to grow and hence also do not use much water. AND you do not need to use any fertilizer or any added chemicals, pesticides or plant nutrients to grow it.

- The World Economic Forum has published a report to say that Microgreens could be the answer to the world’s nutrition security.

5. What can participants learn from your upcoming class?

Deb: Participants will actually taste different Microgreens! The class will teach about the health and sustainability benefits of growing Microgreens, how to grow Microgreens, and harvesting and using Microgreens.

6. The movement to grow one's own food has been gaining traction over the years. Please share with us what satisfaction you derive from growing microgreens.

Deb: The satisfaction I get is from knowing the source of my food: that there’s no pesticides, fertilizer or other plant nutrients. Improved physical health is also a benefit for me and it is growing microgreens is great for stress relief and mental health. You can try it for yourself – it is amazing to see what you planted progress daily with Microgreens and the harvest is in 7 days! This is also great for time-poor Singaporeans!

Reserve your place at the Grow Your Own Microgreens and Wellness Cooking Class today!

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