Inspired by TV reality show Hell’s Kitchen, the purpose of these corporate activities in Singapore are to test members working in their teams on their ability to present a coherent strategy, effectively communicate, make decisions and execute their ideas successfully. Led by Palate Sensation’s Executive Chef, teams will be pitted against each other according to the criteria set by the chef. These types of exercises are suitable for teams who do not meet often or interact with each other, teams with new members; and companies who want to challenge their employees and test their abilities to work together in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. Ready to turn up the heat in the kitchen? Some of our programmes are:

The Great Pizza Challenge

Think you know how to make a fantastic pizza?  Try selling it to us afterwards.  Combining marketing plans and sales skills, teams will be pitted against each other to win over the judges!

The Great Sushi Showdown

More than just a wrap and roll, expect to be hindered with some unexpected ingredients by our judges as each team tries to outdo each other to take the crown as The Master Sushi Chef.

The Two Way Challenge

Two challenges with one challenge leading to the other. Creativity at it’s best! Highly recommended for those with some kitchen experience.

The Great Pasta Championship

How much would we pay for your pasta?  Be prepared to wow with your best pasta dish!

The Mystery Box Challenge

Masterchef meets The Amazing Race.. need we say more?  Highly recommended for those with some kitchen experience.

Bring out the best in your teams.  To find out how we can help you, contact us.

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