The Social Scene


The purpose of these activities for team bonding in Singapore is to ensure that all participants work well together in their teams. Led by Palate Sensations’ Executive Chef, the teams will reproduce an agreed menu. These types of exercises are suitable for teams who just want to have fun and socialise while cooking a meal together; and for those who already know each other well. Some of our programmes are:

Gluttons With Knives
Fire up the stoves and get into your teams to cook your scrumptious three-course meal.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Get your best hat on and make some delectable desserts that will be the envy of everyone!

Restaurant Simulation
Want to know how a restaurant kitchen operates? Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and listen to your Executive Chef as she leads you from preparing to presenting your four-course menu.

The Singaporean Experience
Discover Singapore’s rich cultural history through its cuisine. You’ll get an authentic and intimate look at the Singaporean way of life via its culinary specialties.

Cocktail Masterclass and Challenge

Learn the art of mixing cocktails, how to set up a bar, what types of equipment you need and dazzle each other with your creations. Learn to mix, muddle and mash your way through this masterclass.

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