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(NEW) Saturday Night Tok Panjang - Local Inspirations From Restaurant Memoirs

Showcasing our chef's restaurant memories with a local twist! Join us!

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $88.00

Chef: Ryan Lim

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Held on one Saturday of each month, Saturday night Tok Panjang at Palate Sensations Culinary School is a unique experience that revolves around the idea of communal dining. It offers the opportunity to reconnect with the age-old tradition of sharing meals with others, engaging in conversations, and forming connections with both familiar faces and strangers. At this event, we encourage you to detach from your mobile phones and fully immerse yourself in the dining experience. It is not just about eating; it's about learning and appreciating different cultures, understanding the stories behind the food, and having direct interaction with the talented chefs. Situated in the heart of the kitchen, you can witness the culinary action firsthand and relish in the pleasure of consuming home-cooked delicacies, rarely found in restaurants.

This is not a cooking class.

There will only be 1 sitting at 7pm to 10pm.

Please feel free to BYO your own wine and drinks. There will be no corkage charges. There will be a small selection of wines and soft drinks available for sale. Complimentary ice water, tea and coffee will be served during the event.

This event will be helmed by Chef Phyllis Lim and Chef Ryan Lim. Their focus is to use the culinary techniques and experience they have gained from working in restaurants to present a menu inspired by their childhood memories. 


"Mantou" with curried butter & ikan bilis butter


Silky chicken broth with osmanthus jelly

I hate vegetables charred ulam greens with black garlic dressing, banana flower, four angle bean, cucumber, crushed peanuts, lime juice, laksa flower


Dry mee siam, calamansi gel, fresh grilled seafood

Soto consomme with soto dumplings


Steak sate with archar, kichap sambal and burnt eggplant caviar

Charcoal grilled duckling masak merah, grilled rice, serunding and rice puffs


Compressed celtuce in Pandan infusion, lemongrass sorbet, coconut foam and torchflower gelee


An orange and ginger surprise

Pengat pisang sago crisp, banana chips, banana gel, coconut foam, gula melaka glaze


Goma macarons

Blueberry bun

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