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(NEW) Modern European Cuisine with Asian Influences

Modern plated European Cuisine with these simple yet delicious recipes!

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $168.00

Chef: Alicia Tivey

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Are you ready to mix things up in the kitchen and impress your dinner guests with some tasty, modern European cuisine with a twist of Asian influence? You don't have to be a master chef to whip up these simple and easy recipes that will make your taste buds dance! All you need are some basic cooking skills and a willingness to try something new. And don't forget about presentation! Your dishes will look as impressive as they taste with some creative plating techniques. So let's get cooking and shake up your typical dinner routine with some delicious and exciting new flavours!

Eggplant caviar dip with wonton chips

Roasted mushroom butter and Vegemite butter with mini home made shokupan bread

Sesame seed florentine, cream chantily blue cheese shadow, and fresh tropical fruits

Chawanmushi with seafood, spring onion oil

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