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(NEW) Borders and Piping Techniques - Basic

Learn to bake and decorate a cake using classic buttercream!

Duration: 5 hours/session

For: 2 sessions

Fees: $320.00

Chef: Nan Ong

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

When homemade buttercream doesn't turn out as desired, there could be so many possibilities why it didn't. Too runny, too chunky and breaking, too thin for piping, too thick for spreading. Frustrating even before you could get around to decorating and piping. Paddle or Whisk, can it be made in advance, can it be stored or better chilled, how do I revive it, the list continues.

This workshop is specially curated to get you started on simple borders and piping techniques using classic buttercream, standard tips and tools. With the essentials explained, you get hands-on right away and be guided step-by-step along the way as you progress from basic techniques to classic swirls to simple lineworks.

At the end of this 2-day workshop, you would have crafted a 6inch round cake, baked, designed and decorated by your good self, so please bring a good-fitting box or container!


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