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Nasi Ambeng Platter

A feast is always fit for a king! Come and learn what it is!

Duration: 5 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $228.00

Chef: Alfie Jerome Mossadeg

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Nasi Ambeng

It is often served communal dining style on a platter to be shared among four to five people; especially during festive and/or special occasions such as a kenduri.

It is a popular Javanese Cuisine especially within the Singapore Javanese / Malay / Muslims community in Malaysia, Singapore as well as in Indonesia.

Kenduri or selametan or kenduren is a Javanese ritual. Kenduri is a banquet for remembering something, requesting blessing, and other religious ceremonies. Kenduri is usually a gathering of a community and is led by the oldest person or someone who has a religion knowledge.

The practice is centered on food and sharing time with the people who come together in order to share the meal and conversation.

Rendang Daging (Beef Rendang)

Lemak Cili Padi Ayam (Chicken In Coconut Milk & Birdeye Chillies)

Ikan Goreng Lado (Fried Fish Cutlet With Crushed Chillies)

Urap (Salad with Desiccated Coconut)

Begedil (Potato Croquettes)

Sambal Belachan (Shrimp paste chillies) - this will be demonstrated by the chef

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