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Italian Breads

Understand Biga preferment and make foccacia, ciabatta and pugliese!

Duration: 6 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $168.00

Chef: Phyllis Lim

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Focus on Biga preferment.

The biga is quintessential in Italian bread making due to its ability to develop the flavour of the bread without the process of long fermentations, as in the style of a Sourdough. 

What we look for in a biga is a slight acidity and a strong alcohol-yeasty aroma due to its stiffer nature and higher amounts of acetic acid being produced.


Understanding the biga – its functions, how to make it, knowing when it is ready to use and how much to use in a recipe

Making 3 types of doughs from the weighing of ingredients, mixing, shaping and baking.




Ciabatta with sundried tomato


Notes: During the course, we will make a batch of biga but the one used in the recipe has been premade due to time constraints.


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