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Introduction to Ikebana & Japanese Tea Ceremony

Learn the art of Ikebana - Japanese art of mindful flower arrangement.

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $160.00

Chef: Luke Elijah

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Ikebana is the Japanese art of mindful flower arrangement, and is one of three classical Japanese art forms of refinement and discipline alongside with kodo (incense appreciation) and chado (tea appreciation). More than merely putting flowers into a container, Ikebana is a discipline in which nature and human ingenuity come together in a harmonious and holistic balance. Language is not required to relish the beauty of Ikebana since it has universal appeal and holds no cultural boundaries. Natural and organic plant materials are used to portray and convey aesthetic sensibilities through synergistic colour combinations, intricate shapes, clean lines and space. In the process, communicating emotions, feelings and intentions without the use of words, and uniting nature and the universe together with humanity.

Enjoyed and admired not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its meditative Zen-like qualities, Ikebana is a therapeutic art form that anyone of any age or nationality can enjoy, appreciate and benefit from. This three hours hands-on workshop is designed to give participants a chance to try out this art form, to understand the fundamental principles of it and to have fun, while practicing their mindfulness and creativity through the sensory and customary practice of both Ikebana and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

A brief history and the main guiding principles of Ikebana will be taught. Students will be shown a live demo of various floral arrangement techniques and then be guided through the systematic steps to create their own Ikebana masterpieces.

- A variety of fresh seasonal flowers and leaves will be provided for the class, as well as a simple vase container and Ikebana brass kanzen for you to take home. You are also welcomed to bring your own materials.

- Be led through a short guided universal, non-religious mindfulness practice and meditation sequence in order to still the mind for better focus, to enhance creativity levels, as well as to gain clarity and an inspiration boost prior to starting your own Ikebana creations.

- The session ends with a traditional Japanese chado tea ceremony where participants will get to savour delicious matcha and tasty Japanese sweets, while appreciating and admiring each others' Ikebana creations.

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