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Inspirations From Movie Jimami Tofu: An Okinawan Cooking Experience

Make Okinawan dishes inspired by the movie Jimami Tofu.

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $128.00

Chef: Amelia Seko

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Inspired by the hit movie Jimami Tofu, we are excited to bring the movie to life with a hands on cooking class. Adding another dimension to your movie experience, touch, smell and taste by learning how to make these delectable authentic Okinawan dishes from the movie:

Goya Champuru (Stir fried bitter melon, sliced pork belly, fried tofu and egg)

Rafute (Melt in your mouth glazed pork belly)

Jimami Tofu (The title of the movie..peanut tofu)

Includes Japanese green tea for your enjoyment.

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