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Iconic Thai Street Food

Pad Thai, tom yum goong, gai hor bai toey and mango sticky rice are icons.

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $148.00

Chef: Lynette Foo

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

If you figured Thai food was all about fish sauce, chilli padi and lime juice, let us show you a different side to this cuisine. The ingredients may be exotic to some, but they all play an integral role in the dish to create layers of flavour.


We will talk about these ingredients and walk through the recipe together. Ultimately, you will cook and assemble the dishes and its results are truly gratifying. It is not difficult to create a Thai dish, merely, it's about understanding the balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.


This class will be 4 hours, and these recipes will be taught:


Fried Chicken in Pandan Leaves


Pad Thai (Stir fried Noodles)


Tom Yum Goong (Clear Tom Yum soup)


Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

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