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Creative Food Plating & Styling

Learn to plate and style your food for optimum visual and culinary appeal!

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $280.00

Chef: Luke Elijah

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

The visual aspects and palatable display of food are just as important as the taste of food in gastronomy. Aesthetic and creative culinary presentation is paramount and key in today's digital age of fast paced social media in order to make your offerings stand out from the crowd and have that wow factor. In this systematic, comprehensive and one-of-a-kind creative food plating and styling class, have lots of fun as you put your artistic hats on and do the following:

- Learn various practical tricks, tips and industry secrets to best plate and present your food in the most aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing manner in order to titillate the senses.

- Make use of garnishings, props, accessories, smart food styling techniques and strategic set placements to instantly turn plain and ordinary looking food into gourmet fine dining culinary masterpieces.

- Watch live demonstrations of different artistic and advanced food plating techniques and try your hand at some of them so that you can replicate and impress others with your new skills.

- Get hands-on practice and supervised guidance on personalizing and creating your own food plating and set presentation in a friendly competition with others.

- A comprehensive assessment, review and constructive critique of each work will be done at the end of the class so that students can improve and learn from each others' presentations.

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