Singapore Heritage Cuisine - Peranakan Interpretations

By Kingsley Tan
Duration: 3 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$145.00
Please call us at 65 6478 9746 to enquire more about the upcoming class

Peranakan cuisine comes from the Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia inter-marrying with local Malays and combines Chinese, Malay and other influences. Peranakan cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community. The flavours are tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal.

In this class, we cover these popular dishes:

Assam udang nenas (shrimp in tamarind curry)

Nasi kuning (yellow turmeric rice)

Kueh dadar gulung (sweet coconut pancake)