Foundations Of Chinese Cuisine (Braised Pork Belly Bun)

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$145.00

This lesson hands on course covers a range of basic chinese cooking techniques and methods traditionally used in chinese cuisine.There are hundreds of methods of cooking, and there are many different ways that can be used to cook the same ingredient. Cooking techniques make up almost the bulk of the whole recipe in Chinese cuisine and they are as important as the ingredients that form the dish.

We will be teaching the following:

Skills of using Chinese knives & kitchen ware 刀工,厨具

Dressing, pickled, marinating, cold dish 拌,腌,酱,泡

Simmer, braise, slow cook 卤,煨,炖

Practical Recipes

Braised firm beancurd 卤豆干

Claypot mushrooms with chicken 砂锅香菇煨鸡

Cold cucumber 手拍青瓜

Braised pork belly bun 控肉包