Culinary Arts- Western Techniques Module 2 Main Course

By Randall Tailford
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00

Lean the basic techniques and culinary knowledge to make western cuisine for a cafe kitchen.

The focus will be on preparing main course. Learn about food hygiene and basic kitchen safety, introduction to basic utensils and kitchen equipment.

Recipes for Vegetables:

Ratatouille (French vegetable stew)

Creamy vegetable soup

Vegetable stock

Recipes for Chicken:

Gai yang with bone in chicken thigh (Thai roasted chicken)

Chicken quesadilla made with chicken breast

Sichuan dried chilli chicken with deboned chicken leg

Notes for SkillsFuture Credit Claims:

The SkillsFuture course code is CRS-N-0035244.

Please sign up for the class and pay for your class as per the normal procedure on this website.

We will contact you to inform you about the claim procedure.