Chocolate Techniques Workshop - Entremets

By Al Manas
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$148.00

This class is focused on chocolate techniques that will teach you the skills on making an assembled dessert that comprises of several components.

Tempering chocolate, as always, will define the quality of the designs you make so let us show you the proper techniques and methods. Using this tempered chocolate, we will create several decorative designs that will be used to decorate the entremet at the end – The Royal au Chocolat.

Transfer sheets are an integral color component for chocolate art and can break the monotony of color. Simple to use and effective in making chocolates beautiful, we will show you how to utilize them.

Nama Chocolate, widely popularised by the Japanese confectioner ‘Royce’ around the world. It is ridiculously addictive due to its luxurious texture and can be eaten simply in a coating of cocoa powder or used as a dessert component.

In this class, you will be learning chocolate tempering techniques:

Tabling Method
Seeding Method

Recipes covered :

Nama Chocolate
- Velvety and soft texture chocolate squares, coated in cocoa powder
- Japanese technique of creating soft luxurious chocolate.

Chocolate Pralines designed using transfer sheets
- Understand what transfer sheets can do for your confections and how to use them

Entremet – Royal au Chocolat
- Using the components from the other items made before hand, you will assemble an entreat
- Chocolate Mousse, hazelnut dacquoise, mirror glaze, chocolate decorations.