Culinary Arts - Focus On Healthy Cuisine Nutrition : Disease Prevention Menu 1

By LeonardTheDietitian
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00
Please call us at 65 6478 9746 to enquire more about the upcoming class

Join us in our disease specific cooking workshop series in collaboration with accredited practicing dietitian and chef, Leonard, as he walks through with you the correct evidence on Diabetes and Hypertension.

Each class will focus on the understanding the disease and how your food can be medicine to treat and prevent it.

Not only that, the knowledge will be then shown and applied in dishes that you can make yourself at home or for a fancy dinner party.

If you have personal dietary & lifestyle questions that your doctor could not individualize for you, this is your perfect opportunity to have your queries resolved!

Diabetes Class

- what is diabetes?
- the connection between diabetes, carbs and sugars.
- The long lasting effects and problems with diabetes to you and your loved ones.
- The basic fundamentals to diabetes management and prevention.
- Dishes to feature diabetic food management: Garlic Fried Rice, Cottage pie


- what is hypertension?
- the connection between hypertension, processed foods and your salt shaker.
- The long lasting effects and problems with hypertension to you and your loved ones.
- The basic fundamentals to hypertension management and prevention
- Dishes to feature hypertensive food management: Nasi Kerabu; Osso Bucco & Polenta