Vanilla Layered Sponge Cake And Cupcakes With Swiss Buttercream

By Al Manas
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$148.00

This lesson is perfect for enthusiasts or beginners who wish to explore creating a beautifully layered cakes with a minimalistic and clean buttercream frosting on the outside.

We will show you the sequence for building the cake and give you important tips to help you ensure even layers. The buttercream is pertinent to achieving a silky-smooth texture on the exterior. You will understand the different kinds of buttercream and what applications they’re used for.

You will also make cupcakes with the batter and create buttercream rosettes.

You will be making:

Sponge cake to be cut into even layers
Sugar Syrup
Swiss Buttercream

The recipes that you will be making are:

6 inches diameter by 6 inches tall Vanilla Buttercream cake
Cupcake with piped buttercream rosettes