SF Foundations Of Asian Cuisine : Handmade Noodles

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00
Please call us at 65 6478 9746 to enquire more about the upcoming class

Learn the secrets of handmade noodles so that you can easily make them at home! It is easy once you have learned the trick and homemade noodles are a healthier option as they do not contain any additives.

Handmade Noodles with Local Soup Base

Ban Mien (手工板面)
Anchovies, Minced Pork, egg

Scallion Oil Dry Noodle (刀切葱油干面)
Scallion oil, Scallion, Carrots, Cucumber

Spicy Tomyum Noodle Soup (冬炎酸辣汤面)
Seafood Tomyum with mushroom

Homemade Noodles with traditional Chinese Soup Base

Knife-shaved Noodle with Braised Pork (红烧肉刀削面)

Egg and Tomato Cat’s Ear Noodle (鸡蛋番茄猫耳朵汤)

Hot and Sour Noodle (酸辣汤手工面)

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