Foundations Of Asian Cuisine - Vegetarian Module 1

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00

The focus on this class teaches Asian vegetarian dishes that are Chef Shih's creations with a touch of South East Asian ingredients. These healthy and tasty dishes are perfect for everyday meals, even for non-vegetarians!

Green mango and apple salad with palm sugar

Mushroom bag with edamame soup

Egg plant stir fried with basil

Steam beancurd with chinese olive leaf

Stir fry vegetarian rice vermicelli

Deep fried spring roll

Crunchy lotus root salad with lemongrass

Hot and sour soup

Lo han zhai

Cold wheat noodle enoki mushrooms and lime leaves

*All dishes are garlic, onion and egg free and are kept to a low amount of gluten.

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