Persian Everyday Food

By Hayedeh Sedghi
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$148.00

These recipes open doors to the Persian Iranian kitchen and reveal not only the culinary secrets within but also a glimpse of a fascinating millennia old culture.

Eggplant stew with meatballs
Learn how to fry eggplants with less oil and make lamb meatballs by adding them to the stew without frying them.

Persian fluffy rice
Learn to make famous Persian fluffy rice with popular rice crust tah dig.

Stuffed bell peppers
Bell peppers stuffed with minced lamb, rice, beans and herbs cooked in a bed of flavorful tomato puree.

Borani esfenaj (spinach dip)
A wonderful companion for the eggplant stew and fluffy rice, this is cooked spinach and yogurt with delicious seasoning.