Flavours From A Persian Kitchen (Baghali Polo - Persian Dill Rice)

By Hayedeh Sedghi
Duration: 3 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$155.00

Persian Cuisine is typically characterised by slow cooking so patience is a virtue in an Iranian kitchen. A typical meal consists of a rice dish, a stew and a fresh salad with yoghurt based accompaniments and pickles on the side.

Join Chef Hayedeh as she teaches you the following dishes:

Stuffed baked fish (marinated fish in saffron & spices stuffed with a mix of herbs and garlic)
Baghali polo (green rice cooked with herbs and broad beans)
Borani (spinach and yogurt dip)
Salad Shirazi (cucumber, tomato, onion salad)

As Chef Hayedeh is Muslim, all the ingredients used will be halal.