5 Days Intensive South East Asian Cuisine

By Lynette Foo
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 5 sessions
Price: S$750.00

This 5 day intensive hands on course focuses on South East Asian flavours and covers a range of basic skills intended to help bridge the gap between the amateur home gourmand and the professional chef. This class is suitable for domestic helpers, professional chefs and home gourmands wanting to expand their cuisine repertoire. Learn the most popular dishes from South East Asia here.


Participants will work in pairs although some group work may be necessary.

Kimchi (salted and fermented napa cabbage and cucumbers)
Bi bim bap (mixed rice)
Spring onion pancake
Kimchi soft tofu stew
Introduction of spices - make garam masala
Murgh malai kebab
Tandoori prawns
Dal tarka (lentil stew)
Peas pulao (basmati rice and green peas)
Chapati bread
Basil minced chicken served with jasmine rice and fried egg
Green curry chicken
Tom yum goong
Green papaya salad
Thai barbecue chicken
Sticky rice with mango (shared work)
Pho Hanoi style (shared work)
Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake)
Hanoi style spring rolls with dipping sauce
Making assorted sushi styles including how to make sushi rice
Assorted tempura
Miso soup including how to make dashi stock