5 Days Intensive Singapore Restaurant Favourites

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 5 sessions
Price: S$750.00

This 5 day intensive hands on course focuses on Singapore's most popular restaurant menus. This class is suitable for domestic helpers, professional chefs and home gourmands wanting to expand their cuisine repertoire. Learn the most popular dishes from Singapore's heritage here.


Participants will work in pairs although some group work may be necessary.

Coffee pork ribs
Drunken Prawn
Sweet potato leaves stir fried with sambal
Braised brinjal in claypot
Singapore chili crab
Braised vegetables with fresh mushrooms
Double boil herbal chicken
Sweet and sour pork
Singapore black pepper crab
Mee goreng
Pork ribs winter melon soup
Stir fry beansprout with salted fish
Yam ring vegetables
Steamed fish Teochew style
Crab with bee hoon
Yee fu noodle with seafood
Salted egg yolk prawns
Har jiong fried chicken
Fish head curry
Yang zhou fried rice