5 Days Intensive Chinese Cuisine

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 5 sessions
Price: S$1600.00

This 5 day intensive hands on course focuses on Chinese cuisine flavours and covers a range of basic skills intended to help bridge the gap between the amateur home gourmand and the professional chef. This class is suitable for domestic helpers, professional chefs and home gourmands wanting to expand their cuisine repertoire. Learn the most popular Chinese cuisine dishes here.


Participants will work in pairs although some group work may be necessary.

Knife skills, art of making soups, chinese oil infused, pickled, cold dish

Wood ear mushrooms with shredded ginger (凉拌木耳)
Stir fry potato (炒土豆丝)
Cold cucumber (凉拌青瓜)
Zha jiang noodle (炸酱面)
Oil infuse (香油)
Soup (上汤)
Boiling, salad, steaming, scalding

Sweet and sour thick soup (酸辣汤)
Steamed trio egg (三色蛋)
Bean skin salad (凉拌腐皮)
Chinese spinach superior soup (上汤苋菜)
Shao xing drunken chicken (绍兴醉鸡)
Kailan with oyster sauce (蚝油芥蓝)
Cold tofu with century eggs (皮蛋豆腐)
Slow braised, braised, double boil

Braised pork belly (东坡肉)
Lion head (红烧狮子头)
Pork with sun dried vegetables (菜干炖肉)
Double boil herbal chicken soup (炖药材鸡汤)
Quick fry, stir fry, deep fry, shallow fry

Candied sweet potato (地瓜拔丝)
Gong bao chicken (宫保鸡丁)
Stir fry french bean with minced meat (干煸四季豆)
Braised tofu with seafood (红烧豆腐)
Salt and pepper pork ribs (椒盐排骨)
Grill, broil, roast, bake

Honey chicken wings (蜜汁鸡翼)
Char siew (蜜汁叉烧)
Crackling pork belly (烧肉)
Mutton skewers (羊肉串)