SF Patissier In Training : French Pastry Entremets

By Al Manas
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00

Entremets are intricate desserts that are built upon layers and layers of complementing flavours. They comprise many components that require hours of effort to create and finally assemble.

You will learn how to make these different components and to use the proper tools and techniques to achieve certain textures and flavours.

2 types of entremets with 5-6 components each.

Lemon lime White chocolate Mousse, Colored mirror glaze, Tempered chocolate decoration, Sponge Cake, Passionfruit compote

Pandan coconut Bavarian, Gula melaka sauce, Chocolate feuilletine, Macaron, Meringue kisses, Tempered chocolate decoration

Notes for SkillsFuture Credit Claims:

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