Festive Menu - Rice Dumpling Festival

By Paula Tan
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$155.00
Please call us at 65 6478 9746 to enquire more about the upcoming class

Duan Wu Jie is a widely celebrated festival amongst the Chinese, to pay respect to the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan.

Here's simplier way of cooking Bak Chang from 3 to 1 hour, using a blend of calrose rice and glutinous rice to reduce the stickiness for easier digestion. In this lesson, you'll learn to prepare the rices, leaves and braise the meat, and thereafter wrap the dumplings before steaming them. The taste of homemade 粽子 is duly amazing and non-comparable with those sold in the stores. Don't miss this chance to taste one.

Hakka rice dumplings are totally different from the Hokkien, Cantonese or Teochew kind. They don't use whole rice grains but glutinous rice flour to form a dough and wrap with a delicious savoury pork filling flavoured with mei chye and chye poi. Unless you have a Hakka friend who'd offer you one to savour , it's unlikely this can be purchased in the stores. The cooking time is much shorter than the rest which need long boiling hours. So come join us to make this unique dumpling to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in mid June. Learn to make and wrap the filling.